Nepal Rafting & Canoeing Association

Tripureswor, Kathamandu


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Mr. Man Bahadur Neupane President 01-4258897    9851046082  
Mr. Kumar Ranabhat General Secretary 01-4256625 01-6630547 9851031199  
Mr. Sudip Raj Gautam Secratary      9851075074   
Mr. Uttam Baniya  Treasurer     9851037395   

Nepal Rafting & Canoeing Association

Dasharath Rangashala, Kathmandu, Nepal


Nepal, a Himalayan Kingdom is popular for its mountains, lakes and rivers. Many tourists enjoy their days in Nepal's rivers through rafting, canoeing and kayaking a day to more than a weeks long excursion. With over 600 rivers & rivulets originating from the Himalayas tumbling down thousands of meters to travels to the plains of southern Nepal and India, Nepal offers one of the best white water rafting, canoeing & kayaking opportunities in the world. As a canoeing sports development national federation, Nepal Rafting and Canoeing Association, is trying to develop rafting, canoeing or kayaking as a sport after its establishment. We have varieties of rivers or lakes to launch as a training spot for the canoeing.

Canoeing, rafting, boating, kayaking, rowing or any kinds of water sports which can be played with any floatable equipment and needs to row by paddle or any instrument or hand, are the game related to Rafting & Canoeing. This game could be played whether in pond, lakes or rivers according to the nature of particular game category.

Nepal Rafting & Canoeing Association is affiliated with International Canoe Federation (ICF) and Asian Canoe Confederation (ACC) according to Olympic Charter.

Nepal Rafting & Canoeing Association offers different kinds of trainings and organizes International and National level competitions on different disciplines to develop canoe sport in Nepal.

Disciplines (Canoe and Kayak (K 1, K 2, K 4, C 1, C 2, C 4 And women category as well)          

Flat water Canoe and Kayak: Races are held on flat-water laned courses over 200m, 500m and 1000m in Kayak (K1 - single, K2 - double and K4 -  four, for men and women) and in Canoe (C1 - single, C2 - double and C4 -  four, for men and women).

Wild water Canoe and Kayak : Races are held on running water River, free laned courses over 500m and 1000m in Kayak (K1 - single, K2 - double and K4 -  four, for men and women) and Canoe (C1 - single, C2 - double for men and women).

Slalom Canoe and Kayak: Slalom is an exciting adrenaline fuelled sport, where the paddlers have to negotiate their way down a 300m white water rapid. Paddlers race through a series of up to 25 gates, which are made up of red and green poles. Race courses will be over in Kayak (K1 - single, K2 -    double for men and women) and in Canoe (C1 - single, C2 - double for men and women).

The first wild water slalom competitions were held in Switzerland in 1933.

In slalom competitions each athlete completes two runs of the course on a route with 20 gates suspended over the river. The competitions are against the clock and the result of each round is obtained by adding the time taken in seconds, and adding the penalties awarded at each gate by a judge.

In a normal race, it is the best run of the two that counts.

By invitation from ICF, Nepalese lady athlete Ms Radha Gurung had participated in Slalom Training Camp in Tyan, Thailand held in 2012 December.

Support for NARA to Organize Himalayan whitewater challenge yearly, in November/December

In 2010 August, arranged training for slalom and flat-water canoeing

A lady athlete Ms Sushmita Sunuwar along with Executive member Mr. Santosh Pant to participate in Freestyle held at Switzerland and Slalom World Championships in Spain 2009.

Participated in ACC Congress in Tehran, Iran 2009 by VP Surya Prasad Joshi

Took part in China Slalom training camp and the Asian championship in China 2010 by athlete Santa Bahadur magar,

Mr. Shoken Narita and Csaba Szanto, the ICF Technical Director visited Kathmandu in 2010.

Mr Basant Bahadur Hamal and Mr. Kumar Ranabhat took part on 12th Asian Canoe Confederation Congress at Malaysia. And athlete Mr. Madan Gurung participates in Malaysia - Asian Canoe Flat-water Championship.

Future Plan:
Training for flat-water and slalom camp.
Organize national competition for Slalom and Flat-water canoe championship.

  • President :-Man Bahadur Neupane
  • Senior Vice Chairman:-Surya Joshi
  • Vice President :-  Mahendra Singh Thapa
  • Vice President:-  Binod Prasad panta
  • Vice President:-  Krishna Bahadur Ghale
  • Vice President:-  Sushil Kumar Bhandari
  • Vice President:- Santosh Pant
  • General Secretary:- Kumar Ranbhat
  • Secretary:- Sudip Raj Gautam
  • Treasurer :-  Uttam Baniya Chettri
  • Executive Member:-Govinda Prasad Thapaliya
  • Executive Member:-  Radha Krishna Bista
  • Executive Member :- Hira Bahadur Khand
  • Executive Member:- Saraswati KC Bhandari
  • Executive Member:-Raju Karki   
  • Executive Member:- Lal Bahadur Thapa (Raju)
  • Executive Member:-  Chandra Man Lama
  • Executive Member:- Kanchhi Baniya
  • Executive Member:- Dipak Bhujel
  • Executive Member:-  Naresh Karki
  • Executive Member:- Radha Krishna Bhandari
  • Advisor Mr Rajendra :-  Mr. R. Bantawa, Mr R.P Pant